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How to use your MeditationRings!

Here is how you can use your MeditationRing everyday! MeditationRings wants you to feel connected to yourself, your environment and to others. MeditationRings can help you restore inner peace and calmness. You can spin your ring where ever and when ever you feel you need too. There is absolutely no time limit or time frame […]

The best Yoga Poses to help you reach a blissful sleep!

The best yoga poses to help you reach a blissful sleep! If you have problems falling asleep, yoga is an amazing exercise and tool that can help you promote a feeling of wellness and relaxation and in turn help you reach that blissful state of  sleep . According to Harvard researchers, this discipline is ideal […]

The Benefits of Meditation

  The Benefits Of Meditation Meditation, once considered the exclusive domain of hippies and like-minded individuals, has risen in prominence as more and more people are discovering the myriad of benefits it can provide. Those who remain blissfully unaware of the advantages that regular meditation can provide would do well to keep reading.  1. Stress […]

Spin & Wish

Welcome to MeditationRings…. The place where we spin & wish, relax, take a moment for ourselves all while looking fabulous… I guess the big question is What is a MeditationRing?  And how does it help me relax and reduce my anxiety?!? Our MeditationRings are based on the ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels. The practice of turning the prayer […]