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The Benefits of Meditation

By Naomi Traimer

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The Benefits Of Meditation

Meditation, once considered the exclusive domain of hippies and like-minded individuals, has risen in prominence as more and more people are discovering the myriad of benefits it can provide. Those who remain blissfully unaware of the advantages that regular meditation can provide would do well to keep reading.

 1. Stress Relief

Meditation teaches us how to release the daily stress and agitation from our minds and keeps us from making the wrong decisions. As the number of people who rely on anti-anxiety medications to get through their day continues to rise, finding an alternative form of stress relief takes on added importance. With meditation, studies show that a person is able to regulate the emotions in their brain far more easily.


2. Added Concentration

 If you are someone who regularly struggles to concentrate on the things that are most important to you, then mediation just might be the answer to all of your problems.

People who start to mediate often speak about feeling an increased sense of focus and being able to spend more of their time honing in on what needs to be done, as opposed to spending excessive time dwelling on the past.


 3. Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle

 There is something about meditation that changes the body’s chemistry and forces us to crave foods that are better for us, as opposed to constantly snacking on harmful junk food.

Meditation unlocks our natural mechanism for self-preservation and once we embrace the lifestyle, this leads to a complete and total cleanse. Those who have come to rely on alcohol and tobacco products often choose to put them down for good and with the decreased level of stress, sleep becomes much more restful.


4. Increased Self Awareness

Meditation is recommended to anyone who can’t seem to control their emotions, especially those who are prone to fits of violence or irrational outbursts. To recognize our own faults, we must take a step back and realize that we still have work to do.

Meditation is one of the best ways to go about this difficult task. By partaking in meditation, we are able to become far more comfortable in our own skin and learn things about ourselves that we did not already know before. Most of us have never taken a deep dive into our own psyches and meditation is a helpful method for doing so.


5. Overall Well Being

By improving on all of the aforementioned categories, we are contributing to a far greater sense of personal well-being. The more we work on ourselves, the happier we are able to become. Reducing stress, while increasing our ability to look within and see where our true problems is the definition of a win/win.

“Relax your body and mind and let your spirit soar high” – Remez Sasson


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